Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Charlie in brazil

yo new mix tape up, full of brazilian goodness check it out and feedback would be most welcome
just cut and paste url

track 1. Marku zamba ben
track 2. os originais do samba falador passa mal
track 3. jorge ben bebete vaobora
track 4. jose roberto crioula multicolorida
track 5. marcia marcia amigo branco
track 6. os originais do samba tenha fe pois
track 7. rosalia do souza bossa 31
track 8. os novus crioulus mar afunda
track 9. jorge ben ponta de lanca africano
track 10. antonio carlos kabuelere
track 11. emilio santiago bananeira
track 12. dubben raihno do dub
track 13. black juniors mas que linda estas
track 14. toni tornado podes crer amizades
track 15. som nossa pra swinger
track 16. djaven serrado
track 17. gilberto gill maracuta atomica

Thursday, May 13, 2010

AFRODISIA mixtape mixed by Dj charlie bucket

Howdy y'all here is a recent mix I have done of Afrobeat and afro funk for My Afrobeat night
hope you enjoy.
track 1. soul jazz orchestra - negus negast
track 2. kaleta and zozo afrobeat - get up
track 3. oneness of juju - african rhythms
track 4. Ebo taylor - heaven
track5. Manu dibango - dikalo
track 6. Kaleta and zozo afrobeat - the spirit of fela is alive and well
track7.the sahara all stars - take your soul
track 8. willi colon - che che colo ( antibalis afrobeat orchestra remix)
track 9. karl densons tiny universe - elephants
track 10. chicago afrobeat project - superstar part 7
track 11.Aiff - let it roll
track 12. the public opinion afro beat orchestra - two sides of the truth
track 13. Fela Kuti - shakara