Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sample nerd-out on the 23rd: Make It Fast

Starting today and appearing everyday on the 23rd of the month is the great monthly 'Sample Nerd-Out'. Don't ask me why, it just is what it is, deal with it, next issue. I'm a nerd and so are you, get over it, next issue. I like sample spotting, just do, don't know why, it is what it is, next issue...

You might have noticed that we reeaaally dig african records, specifically afro-funk. One of my favourite artists from Ghana is a man simply known as Rob who released a couple of hard-out funk records in the late 70's both of which trade hands for $500-$1000 - if you can actually find one that is. Originally out on Essiebons the first (and best) is about to be re-issued on the always on-point Analog Africa imprint and is essential!
Anyway this track is actually from the second record and is my favourite track he did. And how often do you hear a male orgasm on record and it not be all creepy?

You know when you hear a killer hip-hop beat and then when you go back to the original it always feels like a hip-hop beat even though it's a funk record and you think 'why didn't I think to just loop it up and make it?'. Yeah, me too. But I guess that's why J Dilla was J Dilla and you serve me my fries. It helps if you have Guilty there to throw down some ridiculously gangsta hype over the top. A recipe for awesomeness no doubt. Big shouts to my man Edd Fisher for putting me onto this


Hands up if you like MF Doom? Keep 'em up if you like the Roots.  Now sit down on the ground and put both feet in the air if you like Weird 'Al' Yankovic too.
This is for you...

That is what you are hearing people; 'Accordion' by Madvillain as played by The Roots and Weird 'Al' Yankovic.  One of my favourite beats ever, sounding just as beautiful as ever.  
And if you've been sleeping...


Tuesday, June 21, 2011



"Must be jelly, jam don't shake like that".

A strong slept on 45, midtempo funky discoish groover.
awesome drums that keep in the pocket. When I first heard this I thought maybe it was "Jabo starks" ex james brown drummer (the funky drummer). But as it turns out its not. I don't know much about Jabo but I know this record is dope. A rare one too. "Your Welcome".

peep the DL below.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Akua Naru

Slept on this for a bit but I'm digging this nice little groove coming outta Germany via the states - female MC's represent!  

Akua Naru - The World Is Listening


We all copped this yeah?  Elzhi from Slum Village doing his thing over Illmatic beats played live by Detroits Will Sessions band.  No arguments.

Vibes from The Tribe

Can't wait to check this out.  Saw Tribe for the first time last year and was blown away for real - I've always loved Tribe but had been burnt by too many of my heroes turning up and just going through the motions for a payday but Tip and the boys seriously brought the fire.  



Taken from the 1975 LP "Hutson"

a seriously essential record!!! including the rare groove winner with the crazy break "All because of you". as well as the smooth jazzy "cool out", but I have always loved "Lucky Fellow"

A smooth excursion in Jazz funk, that plays on the heartstrings too. cop the DL below

but this is a record you need!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I've got what you need...

and that is this killer tune.  Now download, listen, repeat. 

So last Friday at about 7.30pm I get the call: would you like to come and play a support slot at the Biz Markie gig tonight?  Um, perhaps...
Been on a high all the week since then so time for a little sample-spotting nerdness!

Dexter Wansel

So I finally got around to copping a copy of this and I found out exactly why it's such a classic.  Really loving the spacey production and tight drum sound.  And how can you argue with that cover... the nerd from outta space! 
Yeah he might look like a dork Mr Manchild but don't be disrespecting the man behind the group Yellow Sunshine; the man who helped shape the Philly sound with our friends Gamble and Huff; the man who penned 'Nights Over Egypt' for the Jones Girls... how many times did you get sampled in 'Jack Of Spades' hey? 
You're in line for a slap kid.
I'm sorry voice in my head that's responsible for that paragraph, this voice in my head won't do it again. 
You'd better not.

Monday, June 13, 2011



okay so normally here at the gentlemen headquarters we try to keep things on the discerning tip afro,jazz, soul, funk, latin and all that other good ish


we get so crazzzy make us wanna smack a bitch hahahahahahahahaha

this is what we listen to when we wanna do that!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

For real

For Real - charlie bucket

new beat nice fun feel good funk tune blending some Dramatics with black heat drums.

to get the DL follow this link

or check my soundcloud here

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Melbourne peeps, this Saturday the biggest funk & soul party in the southern hemisphere makes it's way back to the northside aka the right side!! Apologies to my southside brethren but sometimes it just is the way it is!  Come down and check out the new venue at Bella Union, Trades hall and get down like you know you should.  Hit me up for guestlist action kids...



Zimba Ku taken from the 1975 LP " Keep on running". A solid rare groove classic with killer break intro.

This is my favourite Black heat joint and can make a smooth transition from playing deep funk into rare groove.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mos Def live blend/remix

Ok, just a little live remix of Mos Def's 'Ms. Fat Booty' that I've been playing around the traps recently.  It's essentially me blending the Mos Def acapella off the 12" over an african percussion track (on 45). I came up with it during a freestyle session with MC's Nfa & 1/6 a coupla weeks back. I finally got around to recording so get ya'selves over to my soundcloud page and cop it immediately!  Hope ya dig...

Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty (dj manchild live blend) by djmanchild

I'll be giving it a spin on The Breakdown tomorrow arvo so check it at