Friday, November 6, 2009

The Breakdown: Chali 2na

Chali 2na played with his band at the Nas show and you know what? I was really feeling it. Not that I was hating but I really didn't expect much from him - sure I dug him back in the day with Jurassic 5 but wasn't feeling theor later stuff and rapper's with a band doesn't always really do it for me. But his band had it just right - a bit of bounce and fun and good musicianship, new tracks were good and they dropped a bit of Rick James in the middle. Can't go wrong.
Then my afrobeat band played on the same bill with him again a few days later, they killed it and they were all real good dudes.
This week I got the new record from the radio station and I'm liking it so time to spread love...

Chali 2na - So Crazy (Decon LP 'Fish Outta Water', 2009)
bonus: Rick James - Give It To Me Baby (Trackmasters re-edit)

Chali 2na - Guns Up feat. Damian & Stephen Marley (Decon LP 'Fish Outta Water', 2009)

The Breakdown: Get down (all jazzy like)

Nas had me all thinking about the get down again so this Friday we were off to something you might find his father Olu Dara on.

Gene Russell - Get Down (Black Jazz LP 'Talk To My Lady', 1973)
It's all about the bass and drums with this one. Real killer funky jazz where the band grooves out but still stays in the pocket the whole time. Nothing else to say...

Weldon Irvine - We Gettin' Down (RCA LP 'Spirit Man', 1975)
Weldon starts off all Herbie Hancock then next thing you know you're into a break and then get's all 'Award Tour' on you. R.I.P. Master Wel, a true genius.