Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kelenkye Band - Highlife.wmv

Our good friends at "Superflyrecords" in Paris have re-issued this incredible holy grail ghana funk record. "Kelenkye Band".

available for the first time in 30 years this high quality re-issue is one of the best attempts to adapt american funk and disco to the african market. Includes the african rare groove anthem "Jungle Music". limited to 1000 copies worldwide. Don't sleep.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Disco Blaze!

Rare as hell afro-disco-funk from outta Nigeria in the late 1970's. This is only taken from a reissue 'cos this one never shows up and when it does, it inevitably goes for some insane amount of money. I don't know anything about it, except that it is serious fire on the dancefloor. Check it out!

Disco Blaze - Jump Back (Comm' Of The Fireballs) (African Sun LP 'Jump Back' 2010 reissue)

Melbourne TPOAO 45 launch!

Holy crap.

We just toured Cairns, Sydney and Katoomba and we are feeling pretty damn good. 45 has been out for a week and the people are digging it! We are so excited about this one.
Also launching are the amazing Bombay Royale with their insane Bollydisco 45 'Sote Sote Adhi Raat'. Backed by the incredible Cactus Channel and with myself manning the decks this is shaping as my Gig Of The Year TM. If you live in Melbourne and you don't come... well I'm sorry buddy, I just can't help you.

Check out The Bombay Royale 45 here

Check out the recent 45 from Cactus Channel here

To buy yourself some tickets call 03
9427 9198 or click here

The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra - Mr Clean 45

My band 'The Public Opinon Afro Orchestra' has a new 45 out - Mr Clean... this is it!

The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra - Mr Clean (Full Version) by HopeStreet Recordings

If you dig it, buy it on vinyl kid! It's really the only way to experience quality music. And this wonderous experience can be all yours for unbelievebly low, low, low $12! That's right, 12 freaking dollars (that's only 11.50US or 9.5EU, wow!)

This was my first attempt at writing a press release thingamy too, tells the tale a bit I guess.

Following up on their ARIA-nominated album “Do Anything Go Anywhere” and their sold-out 12” “Two Sides of the Truth” The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra bring some more hard-hitting afro-funk to the dance-floors of Australia and beyond with the new release “Mr Clean”. Comprising 17 Melbourne-based musicians, many with origins in Africa, they draw from these diverse backgrounds in creating a heavy afro sound that is uniquely their own.

“Follow your leader!” comes the chorus as guitarist Dave Marama, channeling the power of freedom fighters past, steps up to the mic and delivers his funky sermon. Mr Clean is his vision of leading his native Africa with wisdom and empathy, as something virtually unheard of these days; a clean, honest politician. You might say “he’s dreaming” but give this man a chance and by the end he’ll have your vote I promise! And don’t worry he’s not out fighting on his own – he’s there with the hardest rhythm section as his foot soldiers, the meanest horn section as his cavalry and a frontline of singers and dancers that would make a grown man weep.

This up-tempo afro-funk stormer has ‘club hit’ stamped all over it. It might be over 8 mins long, spread over both sides of the 45 (DJ’s, you neeeeed doubles!) but if you’re on a dancefloor when the needle hits the groove, you’ll find yourself a heaving, sweaty mess by the end.

Available on 7″ 45rpm vinyl and digital, “Mr Clean” was recorded live to analogue tape in the abandoned textile factory that serves as the HopeStreet recording studio. This rarefied atmosphere coupled with the warmth of the beautiful vintage gear can be really felt in the raw, dirty power of this groove.

Monday, September 19, 2011



Just picked up this great afro LP backed by the legendary Beninese "Poly rythmo Orchestre".

Includes the Killer dance floor number "Ecoute Ma Melodie".

nice drums on intro and amazing horns. very nice indeed.

Peep the DL below

Thursday, September 8, 2011



A 45 I've been after for a while now, finally picked it up. I've been rocking "Hey Joyce" for a few years now and always loved the rawness of it.

But I gotta say I think this little slice of heavy JB'S style funk wins.

mid tempo, strong drums, lots of screams and wails everything I want in a funk 45

peep the dl in usual gentlemen wav format below.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Nice little disco/funk 45 arrived in the mail.

I first heard this record on a Kon & Amir mixtape (the one they did for 101 apparel) and just had to had it. When Kon was in town I hit him up and was like I need to know what 2 tracks of that mix are, He told me this one and another that was so rare he only knew one other guy with the 45.

the track is by the US BAND and is called "you did it to me" if anyone has this please hook a brother up.

I don't know anything about Stevo but I do know that tommy stewart is playing horns on this track.
That is Tommy (bump n' hustle music) stewart.

this is the 45 rip but there is an extended 12" mix available on TK records 1979.

peep the Dl below

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Mix tape

so I'm a bit sick of people telling me
"Hip Hop Sucks These Days" I'll admit
theres a lot of garbage out there but
if you look and listen you'll find the good

So this is a mix of brand new hip hop
even got a few of the homies on there,
Kid Tsunami (watch out for this kid),
RuCL & Taku.

1. hassaan mackey/ apollo brown - volume
2. elzhi - detroit state of mind
3. pete rock & smiff n wessun - monumental ft tyler woods
4. marcus - I shine ft royce da 5'9, justis & kid vishis
5.Thurz - riot ft black thought
6. taku - hey kids
7. kid tsunami - catch wreck ft o.c
8. RuCL - driving me crazy
9. j. cole - who dat
10 . Pharoahe monch - shine ft Mela Machinko
11. jay z & kanye west - welcome to the jungle
12. Termanology - welcoome to the jungle freestlye
13. Ghostfunk - dem back
14. Dynas - it's my turn
15. Trek Life as the world turns ft oliver day soul
16. Common & Nas - ghetto dreams

peep the dl here

Monday, August 22, 2011


We say goodbye to another legend of soul music today as "Nick Ashford" from husband and wife duo "Ashford and Simpson" has passed away from complications with throat Cancer.

Ashford's input into Soul music, disco and his influence in Modern forms of dance music is undeniable. From the early days of writing hits for Motown with his partner in crime "Valerie Simpson", The duo were responsible for such hits as "Aint no mountain high enough" (Marvin gaye & tammi terrell & "Cry like a baby" (Aretha Franklin).
To the proto disco sounds of "Chaka Khan", "Diana Ross" & "Teddy pendergrass".

In 1974 Ashford & Simpson got married and continued their career as a duo with the Warner bros album "Gimme something real" Followed by the hit singles "Don't cost you nothing", "It seems to hang on", "Is it still good to ya", and one of my personal favourites "Street corner".

I have been playing "Ashford & Simpson" records regularly for about 10 years and most likely always will. You will be missed "Nick Ashford" R.I.P

Sample Nerds On The 23rd

A bit of mid tempo funk from Sly Stone. This was the first record he did without 'The Family Stone' attached to the end of his name and it came during the most off-his-face period of his career. His previously sizeabe musical influence was on the wane and he was getting heavier and heavier into cocaine. I heard a story that for the front cover they wanted to have a photo of him jumping in the air. When they got to the shoot though he was just too high (apparently no 'on you' either) and they couldn't even get him on his feet, let alone jumping. The solution was to get a sheet of thick glass, lay him on it and shoot from underneath. Look at his eyes and tell me that isn't true!

Sly Stone - Crossword Puzzle
320kbps mediafire dl

Now I don't really think I need to post up Hall & Oates flip but I will include the guitar that Prince Paul sped up and looped nicely. I'm a massive Prince Paul fan and would have him in my Top 10 producers ever, easy. I just love the way he crams all those layers in and even when they feel bumpy, they feel right. I supported him once and can say that he is not only a great party DJ but also a real top bloke. Anyways this was a 1972 Westbound release from The Detroit Emeralds. Speaking of record covers too, how good is this one? Can never go wrong with a fur coat, a caddy and a fine lady in hot pants!

The Detroit Emeralds - Baby Let Me Take You In My Arms 320kbps mediafire dl

Of course I could post up the track that sampled these two but jeez, surely you own De La Soul's '3 Feet High & Rising', everybody does. Don't they? So instead let's just check the first promo clip that De La did for the track


Sly in form

Sly out of form. But still awesome

You can catch myself and Chris down at this...

Melbourne people take note, this will be killer!

Ivan 'Boogaloo Joe' Jones - Right On Brother

Was wandering down Gertrude St with my daughter today and stuck my head in to say what's up to Chris at Northside Records. I saw this little baby on the wall and man... I just had to go home, lay the monkey down for a nap and listen to it again immediately. I'm such a sucker for 70's Prestige jazz records, I could listen to Funk Inc, Charles Kynard, Gene Ammons et al for days. All those crazy jazz muso's (the absolute A-team of Pretty Purdie, Charles Earland, Rusty Bryant and Jimmy Lewis join him on this one) exploring the emerging funk sound but all still retaining their own flavour of jazz. All different and all so damn fine in their own right. This one is no exception. This one is unbelieveably the 5th solo record he layed down in a three year period and it features some fieriest funk guitar work you will ever hear. I love how you can hear it all in his sound in this track; blues, jazz and soul combining and hitting it so hard for the dancefloor. If you hurry it might still be on that wall!

Ivan 'Boogaloo Joe' Jones - Brown Bag (Prestige LP 1970, 'Right On Brother')320kbps mediafire dl

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

MC 1/6

My man MC 1/6, a fellow member of The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, has been killing it of late. One dope solo EP out and another set to drop anytime now; his supports shows for the likes Mos Def, MF Doom and Del Tha Funky Homosapien (amongst many others) have been slaying them. Now Del has also chosen of his tracks for a mixtape he put together... check it out!

link to Del's Funky Leak Pack Aug. 2011 @ bandcamp

Check out his solo EP 'Inbox' on his own bandcamp page:

Keep an eye out for his upcoming release 'Electronic Mail' too... I'll let you know for sure!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Don't forget about this on Saturday night either gang - the finest funk party in the southern hemispere if not the world!! Get down early because we are always full by about 10.30... it's going to be a stormer.

I Can't Write Left Handed

Fuck me, how good is this?

We do like comments here too by the way!

Some Sharp Indictor Siblings

Alright... that was a reeeeaaaal fun weekend and it's pretty much taken me until know to recover. Nothing but drinking and top-notch wax for 54 hours straight and then back to my side of the continent. For those who don't know that's the best part of a 3400km trip but there was a whole lotta fun had by all so big ups to my main man Charlie Bucket for hooking a brother up.

Now for some music.

So I was at the record store (Northside Records, where I work) and I came across this Pointer Sisters record from 1977 that I'd never seen before. It was only a fiver and to be honest I didn't really hold a lot of hope for it's quality. But The Sisters did some great stuff in the '70's so on it went and out popped a couple of dope jams. Jams like this!

The Pointer Sisters - Don't Drive You Crazy (Blue Thumb LP 'Having A Party', 1977) mediafire download 320kbps

Apparently it was the least successful record they ever did but I real dig the laidback, slightly spacey disco vibe and so much better than the cheesey nonsense the became known for later. Gadson on the skins never hurts either! So this would be the most recent Pointer Sisters track I heard but the first one I ever heard would still have to rate as my favourite...

The Pointer Sisters - Pinball Number Count (DJ Food Re-edit) mediafire download 320kbps

I'll be returning to the airwaves tomorrow afternoon on PBS 106.7FM in Melbourne but you can stream it live or indeed at time by hitting Plenty of killer funk, african and latin to be heard so tune in!

Monday, August 1, 2011


So last weekend Manchild joined in perth for some killer shows and a very special radio show on the 30th of july.

If you dig afro restream this show here

nothing but super rare afro being dropped from our personal collections including an exclusive unreleased public opinion afro beat orchestra joint, and a record so rare its the only copy in Oz.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Charlie Bucket -- Think Twice Mix

Howdy folks

So I have been co running a Promotional company called "Think Twice" for two years now with my business partner Jimmy "the lips" murphy.

We've had the pleasure of bringing some amazing artists over such as "Kurtis Blow" pictured with us.

I decided to put a mix together of the kind of music we spin at our friday club night at "The Manor". More on the party, hip hop vibe I hope you enjoy. cut and paste the URL below.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Seun Kuti moves that booty

Seun Kuti has embraced his family musical legacy, taking the lead from his father Fela & older brother Femi, producing a second album full of fire and fury. He is backed by The Eypyt '80, his father's last group and enlists Brian Eno and John Reynolds on production duties.

Interestingly when I was in Nigeria people didn't seem to rate him that highly and thought of him more as a 'Fela cover band'. The general consensus was that his brother the true keeper of the music as he had evolved and taken the music somewhere new, whereas Seun took a more traditional approach. I don't give a shit about any of that because I really dig a lot of Seun's stuff and can't wait to hear more as he becomes more comfortable in his own musical skin over the next few years.
Rise is from his second album 'From Africa With Fury' and he has posted it up for free!

Rise by Knitting Factory

Also check out this very cool interview with Seun by Wax Poetics TV

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Colombian heeeet

Just a little bit of Colombian latin heat for your weekend - Fruko Y Sus Tesos! That scoundrel Charlie Bucket will be going there in a few months so he better be copping me some nuggets...

Fruko Y Sus Tesos - El Preso (Colombia, Discos Fuentes 45, 1976) mediafire download

Spaticus Autisticus

Having inflicted upon myself a serious degree of self analysis I have come to the conclusion that I, like a great deal of the population it may appear, am mildly (mildly) autistic.

You know I used to work with these autistic kids and those motherfuckers were crazy as shit. Johnno used to eat cigarette butts off the ground and then sprint away with his hips bent forward at 90 degrees, his head staring at the ground, arms trailing behind like a blind super-ostrich.

Kevin was the 130 kg, 16 year old who loved to eat. No I mean loved to eat. He once escaped from his teachers, broke into the staff room and ate an entire 4L tub of ice-cream. He'd been gone no more than 5 minutes. Another time he scaled the 12ft fences and 'ran' to the nearest KFC. From there he jumped the counter, grabbed as much chicken he could stuff in a box and headed off down the Western Ring Road on foot. The cops pulled him soon enough but I pity the poor 15-yr old KFC employee who had to encounter this brute charging them, screaming like the proverbial autistic-kid-bumrushing-a-KFC and pounding his forehead with both fists like it was the only thing between him and his non-retardation. Oh yeah, sorry but I forgot to mention that if Kevin encountered any obstacle during the day, his first response was to beat against his forehead to the point where he had developed an obscenely prominent calluse in the middle of his forehead over the years. His side-on profile really did resemble that of one of Wile E. Coyote's stray boulder victim's.

Kane would call out the names of each street as you drove past them as he new them by name; your very own kiddie singsong GPS. He also used to steal my mix cassettes from the van (which I made in a vain effort to impress a girl) and tape over them with Craig 'Huggy' Huggins from Gold 104.3, who-ever the fuck he is (curse his soul).

Max farted blood into a doctors face once but we are going to have to get really, really high before I can let that one out (pun intended).

The thing is these kids didn't really get the consequences of what they were doing, they just did stuff. The world didn't exist outside of their head so they'd better make sure that crazy movie happening out there is nice and interesting. They just did things for themselves. Sometimes it kinda made sense, sometimes it really didn't. Maybe all we do is the same and hope that what we do doesn't result in anyone getting covered in poo and blood and please let that be all. I remember I met a lady who classified herself to me as 'a bit autistic' and she looked and sounded just like anyone else. Then one time she reached across me and grabbed a glass of water from my hand and started drinking it without hesitation before a cursory glace in my direction stopped her dead. She explained that she was sorry but she only realised that the water not for her to drink after my face looked shocked. She didn't recognise it as 'mine' but she was thirsty and it was water. She only knew it was 'mine' because when people look at her like that when she had a drink, that's what must have just happened.

There is a theory that we all fit somewhere on 'the autism spectrum'. I like that theory. If I'm thirsty why can't I drink that water? We're always working for ourselves anyway, just some of us can manage to do it while affecting less people negatively. Shit, do we ever do anything truly altruistically? Don't you just give money to charity to make yourself feel better? Is it empathy or the satisfying of guilt? Won't that even up the karma scales given I wear Nike and don't give a fuck about the kids that make them?

We're all on that spectrum somewhere.

Time to hear from the greatest spazmo of them all...

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Spasticus Autisticus mediafire download

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Reasons To Be Cheerful pt. 3 mediafire download

*Note: all the names have been changed for this story, obviously

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Not wanting to state the obvious but how good is Quantic? One of the only contemporary musicians that is continually envolving and expanding his sound and slipping chameleon-like into whichever guise he chooses. Soul to cumbia to hip-hop to dub-step, he manages to do it all and do it all well. Everytime he releases something I almost underestimate it on first listen - it's good but everything he does is good and I've got plenty of his records. I kind of feel like that with James Brown, Curtis Mayfield and Roy Ayers records. But just as it is when I find a new one of their records, I listen again and the gold just sticks out proper and I have to get it. This is how I have invariably and most accidentally become a Quantic completist.

The recent 12" he did, 'Caliventura remixes', is just like that. Remixes from the 'Tradition In Transition' album by the likes of Cut Chemist, J-Boogie and Daedelus, I was a bit indifferent at first but it just keeps growing on me.
This one is a remix by DJ Day and I've been playing it all about town...

Quantic & His Combo Barbaro - Mas Pan (DJ Day remix) mediafire download

You also get a free download card with the vinyl that includes the instrumentals and a bonus, most excellent Jeremy Sole dub so go cop it

Quantic Y Su Conjunto Los Miticos Del Ritmo - Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang (Dr. Dre cover) by Cover Me

I'm still waiting for this one in the post but it sounds pretty cool; cumbia-style covers of Dre, Dilla, Outkast, et al. Sadly sold out all over the world so I hope you already got yourself one.

Tune into myself and Arks later today on 'The Breakdown' on PBS 106.7FM 3-5pm in Melbourne. We'll be playing all kinds of funk & funky business and you can listen live on the net at as well as go back and stream it back anytime in the future.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A funky social-conciousness

Got a real nice slice of that 'social concious funk' that all the kiddies old people seem to be talking about these days. Coming outta Detroit, Michigan in the Mid Wes' US, Laurence Thomas is a man on a mission and he has an important message for us. Something about kids and pimps and some other dude chilling with a cigar. But seriously this is a real cool, laidback funk groove set against some tough fatback drums (open break at the start for the heads!) and it never hurts for a vocalist to be singing about something they are really feeling now does it?

Laurence Thomas - Why Young Kids Stray (Soul'o'Sonic 45 1974)

I will be playing this on my radio show tomorrow afternoon ('The Breakdown' on PBS 106.7FM 3-5pm in Melbourne) and if you wanna check it out it not only streams live but can be listened back to here...

manchild out!


Holy crap. So I thought I was The King Of Shit starting up my little Sample-Nerd on the 23rd thing and then almost instantly the universe pulled me up like 'a-yo you missed one son'. Indeed I did universe, indeed I did...

Ghostfunk - 01 - Make It N.Y. by Max Tannone

This was from a project put together by that kid Max Tannone who did the very-much-on-point Mos Dub and Dub Kweli remixes. It's essentially Ghostface Killah remixes using samples from afro-funk and afrobeat records... MF genius I tells ya. He has also taken it upon himself to pull a serious big-dude move and put the whole thing up as a free download on Soundcloud. So why are you still reading my nonsense? Get over there and get you some dammit!

Sunday, July 10, 2011



This track is a Colombian cumbia from the 80's and is as deep as it gets.

Quantic has been rocking this for a minute and its a slow tempo, hypnotic cumbia much in the style of lito barrientes or michi sarmiento.

The Lp "Arrinconala" also contains a cover of "El Lobo" by "wganda kenya".

peep the DL below.



This jam is a caribbean club classic recently compiled on the sofrito tropical discotheque compilation. The Album is self titled, and this is the stand out track.

Don't know much about these guys other than this tune is banging. never fail on the tropical tip. Peep the DL below

Tuesday, July 5, 2011



Okay gonna get super record nerdy here for this one. Wham bang were a Kraut rock fusion 3 piece from hamburg. This Lp ES cam out in 1979 on a private press.

This album has a real jazz funk twist and is littered with breaks. The combination of strong drums, funky bass and awesome fender piano and moog sounds make it a very funky affair but probably not everyones cup of tea.

The track "Earth and Space" is in my opinion the strongest joint on there. If not only for the awesome break intro.

peep the dl below

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sample nerd-out on the 23rd: Make It Fast

Starting today and appearing everyday on the 23rd of the month is the great monthly 'Sample Nerd-Out'. Don't ask me why, it just is what it is, deal with it, next issue. I'm a nerd and so are you, get over it, next issue. I like sample spotting, just do, don't know why, it is what it is, next issue...

You might have noticed that we reeaaally dig african records, specifically afro-funk. One of my favourite artists from Ghana is a man simply known as Rob who released a couple of hard-out funk records in the late 70's both of which trade hands for $500-$1000 - if you can actually find one that is. Originally out on Essiebons the first (and best) is about to be re-issued on the always on-point Analog Africa imprint and is essential!
Anyway this track is actually from the second record and is my favourite track he did. And how often do you hear a male orgasm on record and it not be all creepy?

You know when you hear a killer hip-hop beat and then when you go back to the original it always feels like a hip-hop beat even though it's a funk record and you think 'why didn't I think to just loop it up and make it?'. Yeah, me too. But I guess that's why J Dilla was J Dilla and you serve me my fries. It helps if you have Guilty there to throw down some ridiculously gangsta hype over the top. A recipe for awesomeness no doubt. Big shouts to my man Edd Fisher for putting me onto this


Hands up if you like MF Doom? Keep 'em up if you like the Roots.  Now sit down on the ground and put both feet in the air if you like Weird 'Al' Yankovic too.
This is for you...

That is what you are hearing people; 'Accordion' by Madvillain as played by The Roots and Weird 'Al' Yankovic.  One of my favourite beats ever, sounding just as beautiful as ever.  
And if you've been sleeping...


Tuesday, June 21, 2011



"Must be jelly, jam don't shake like that".

A strong slept on 45, midtempo funky discoish groover.
awesome drums that keep in the pocket. When I first heard this I thought maybe it was "Jabo starks" ex james brown drummer (the funky drummer). But as it turns out its not. I don't know much about Jabo but I know this record is dope. A rare one too. "Your Welcome".

peep the DL below.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Akua Naru

Slept on this for a bit but I'm digging this nice little groove coming outta Germany via the states - female MC's represent!  

Akua Naru - The World Is Listening


We all copped this yeah?  Elzhi from Slum Village doing his thing over Illmatic beats played live by Detroits Will Sessions band.  No arguments.

Vibes from The Tribe

Can't wait to check this out.  Saw Tribe for the first time last year and was blown away for real - I've always loved Tribe but had been burnt by too many of my heroes turning up and just going through the motions for a payday but Tip and the boys seriously brought the fire.  



Taken from the 1975 LP "Hutson"

a seriously essential record!!! including the rare groove winner with the crazy break "All because of you". as well as the smooth jazzy "cool out", but I have always loved "Lucky Fellow"

A smooth excursion in Jazz funk, that plays on the heartstrings too. cop the DL below

but this is a record you need!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I've got what you need...

and that is this killer tune.  Now download, listen, repeat. 

So last Friday at about 7.30pm I get the call: would you like to come and play a support slot at the Biz Markie gig tonight?  Um, perhaps...
Been on a high all the week since then so time for a little sample-spotting nerdness!

Dexter Wansel

So I finally got around to copping a copy of this and I found out exactly why it's such a classic.  Really loving the spacey production and tight drum sound.  And how can you argue with that cover... the nerd from outta space! 
Yeah he might look like a dork Mr Manchild but don't be disrespecting the man behind the group Yellow Sunshine; the man who helped shape the Philly sound with our friends Gamble and Huff; the man who penned 'Nights Over Egypt' for the Jones Girls... how many times did you get sampled in 'Jack Of Spades' hey? 
You're in line for a slap kid.
I'm sorry voice in my head that's responsible for that paragraph, this voice in my head won't do it again. 
You'd better not.

Monday, June 13, 2011



okay so normally here at the gentlemen headquarters we try to keep things on the discerning tip afro,jazz, soul, funk, latin and all that other good ish


we get so crazzzy make us wanna smack a bitch hahahahahahahahaha

this is what we listen to when we wanna do that!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

For real

For Real - charlie bucket

new beat nice fun feel good funk tune blending some Dramatics with black heat drums.

to get the DL follow this link

or check my soundcloud here

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Melbourne peeps, this Saturday the biggest funk & soul party in the southern hemisphere makes it's way back to the northside aka the right side!! Apologies to my southside brethren but sometimes it just is the way it is!  Come down and check out the new venue at Bella Union, Trades hall and get down like you know you should.  Hit me up for guestlist action kids...



Zimba Ku taken from the 1975 LP " Keep on running". A solid rare groove classic with killer break intro.

This is my favourite Black heat joint and can make a smooth transition from playing deep funk into rare groove.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mos Def live blend/remix

Ok, just a little live remix of Mos Def's 'Ms. Fat Booty' that I've been playing around the traps recently.  It's essentially me blending the Mos Def acapella off the 12" over an african percussion track (on 45). I came up with it during a freestyle session with MC's Nfa & 1/6 a coupla weeks back. I finally got around to recording so get ya'selves over to my soundcloud page and cop it immediately!  Hope ya dig...

Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty (dj manchild live blend) by djmanchild

I'll be giving it a spin on The Breakdown tomorrow arvo so check it at

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Breakdown radiofestival

And a big thankyou to anyone who subscribed to my radio show The Breakdown here in Melbourne on PBS 106.7FM, it was a real buzz to see that so many people are digging the quality music - it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...  if you are still yet jump on check and do your thing!

So anyways here is another special thankyou from me and the second funkiest highschool band of all time (shouts to The Cactus Channel) The Kashmere Stage Band

El Rego et Ses Commandos

Hot damn!  Charlie is slaying me on the afro/tropical tip at the moment so I just gotta come back with a little afro-heeeeeet for you all...

Now here's a tight little 45 from Cotonou, Benin (previously Dahomey) and features band leader Theophile Do Rego aka El Rego on Contra-Bass alongside his new Ghanese soul singer named Eddy Black Power.  Earlier playing latin-influenced sounds as a member of Gnonnas Pedros 'Los Panchos' group, Djobime is one of El Rego's earliest forays into funky territory and it represents his heaviest work in my opinion.


Thursday, May 19, 2011



This Lp is a feel good dance floor orientated afro excursion from Nigeria on EMI records.
it includes the dance floor winner
"Feeling Happy". Definitely the standout track but the rest of the album is nice too.



just picked up an o.g of this incredible record by Avolonto Honore, an artist from benin backed by the masters of Afro-funk "The Poly Rythmo orchestre".

check this track "NA MI DO GBE HUE NU".

Pure dancefloor afro funk at its best.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011



His Rarest and in my opinion best LP super awesome afro disco funk with the top track being



SOM TRES self titled Lp from 1969 heavy brazilian breaks and a sure shot dancefloor winner at "homenagem a mongo".


Monday, May 9, 2011


Alfredo Linares is such an important figure in colombian music. He changed the way salsa piano was played forever. Now he resides in Cali Colombia and is a part of UK artist Will Hollands new project "Quantic's Combo Bario".

This album Mi nuevo Ritmo contains the classic "Ritmo Caliente" and the jazzy "Alma Y Sentimiento" but the whole album is dope.


"Orlandivo" with his self titled LP. The hottest track being "Onde Anda O Meu Amor"
A silky smooth Brazilion joint with nice keys on the intro and a dope bass line.

Toni Tornado

Toni Tornado "Me liberte" taken from the album BR3. A sweet slice of brazilian funk. I thought I had struck gold until I realised "NASA" had already used this for their joint "Hip hop" feat KRS1.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cinnamon suns

This record is straight fire coming out of trinidad with the top track being " Party time" a hot very clubby tropical funk jam. But the whole record is dope.

Battle in RIo

okay so new beat here an 80's brazilian funk Jam turned tropical future beat with synthy breakdown