Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Disco Blaze!

Rare as hell afro-disco-funk from outta Nigeria in the late 1970's. This is only taken from a reissue 'cos this one never shows up and when it does, it inevitably goes for some insane amount of money. I don't know anything about it, except that it is serious fire on the dancefloor. Check it out!

Disco Blaze - Jump Back (Comm' Of The Fireballs) (African Sun LP 'Jump Back' 2010 reissue)

Melbourne TPOAO 45 launch!

Holy crap.

We just toured Cairns, Sydney and Katoomba and we are feeling pretty damn good. 45 has been out for a week and the people are digging it! We are so excited about this one.
Also launching are the amazing Bombay Royale with their insane Bollydisco 45 'Sote Sote Adhi Raat'. Backed by the incredible Cactus Channel and with myself manning the decks this is shaping as my Gig Of The Year TM. If you live in Melbourne and you don't come... well I'm sorry buddy, I just can't help you.

Check out The Bombay Royale 45 here

Check out the recent 45 from Cactus Channel here

To buy yourself some tickets call 03
9427 9198 or click here

The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra - Mr Clean 45

My band 'The Public Opinon Afro Orchestra' has a new 45 out - Mr Clean... this is it!

The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra - Mr Clean (Full Version) by HopeStreet Recordings

If you dig it, buy it on vinyl kid! It's really the only way to experience quality music. And this wonderous experience can be all yours for unbelievebly low, low, low $12! That's right, 12 freaking dollars (that's only 11.50US or 9.5EU, wow!)

This was my first attempt at writing a press release thingamy too, tells the tale a bit I guess.

Following up on their ARIA-nominated album “Do Anything Go Anywhere” and their sold-out 12” “Two Sides of the Truth” The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra bring some more hard-hitting afro-funk to the dance-floors of Australia and beyond with the new release “Mr Clean”. Comprising 17 Melbourne-based musicians, many with origins in Africa, they draw from these diverse backgrounds in creating a heavy afro sound that is uniquely their own.

“Follow your leader!” comes the chorus as guitarist Dave Marama, channeling the power of freedom fighters past, steps up to the mic and delivers his funky sermon. Mr Clean is his vision of leading his native Africa with wisdom and empathy, as something virtually unheard of these days; a clean, honest politician. You might say “he’s dreaming” but give this man a chance and by the end he’ll have your vote I promise! And don’t worry he’s not out fighting on his own – he’s there with the hardest rhythm section as his foot soldiers, the meanest horn section as his cavalry and a frontline of singers and dancers that would make a grown man weep.

This up-tempo afro-funk stormer has ‘club hit’ stamped all over it. It might be over 8 mins long, spread over both sides of the 45 (DJ’s, you neeeeed doubles!) but if you’re on a dancefloor when the needle hits the groove, you’ll find yourself a heaving, sweaty mess by the end.

Available on 7″ 45rpm vinyl and digital, “Mr Clean” was recorded live to analogue tape in the abandoned textile factory that serves as the HopeStreet recording studio. This rarefied atmosphere coupled with the warmth of the beautiful vintage gear can be really felt in the raw, dirty power of this groove.

Monday, September 19, 2011



Just picked up this great afro LP backed by the legendary Beninese "Poly rythmo Orchestre".

Includes the Killer dance floor number "Ecoute Ma Melodie".

nice drums on intro and amazing horns. very nice indeed.

Peep the DL below

Thursday, September 8, 2011



A 45 I've been after for a while now, finally picked it up. I've been rocking "Hey Joyce" for a few years now and always loved the rawness of it.

But I gotta say I think this little slice of heavy JB'S style funk wins.

mid tempo, strong drums, lots of screams and wails everything I want in a funk 45

peep the dl in usual gentlemen wav format below.