Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Breakdown: a trip to the discoteque

So every Saturday I plan to post up and highlight a track I played on my radio show 'The Breakdown'.  It's on Fridays 3-5pm in Melbourne on PBS FM 106.7 but you can stream it at if you're not in the area.  This is the first post of this nature so check it...

We here at The Gentlemen Of Leisure like to get down.  And who better to get down with than our man Tyrone Davis.  I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Tyrone, especially his late 60's/early 70's Dakar gems like Can I Change My Mind and One Way ticket, mostly all produced by Willie Henderson.  But he didn't stop when he left Dakar, no he kept playing and recording non-stop until 1995 when he sadly he passed away.  This next track from his post-Dakar Colombia records era when he turned his hand to disco.  It was something that so easily could have been poo (as much of the LP is) as so often old soul guys trying out a disco record can go so wrong so quickly (see Syl Johnson 'The Uptown Shakedown' for further evidence) but this 12" is great.  It's a killer disco dance floor filler that I decided to put up after being accosted by my homie Mr Moonshine while playing this at a gig, he accusing me of holding out on him after a recent trade.  Why I never.  So here you go sunshine, go geddit.

I don't own a scanner and could only find the LP cover online so here it is.  
That's a real fresh jacket Tyrone.

I really wish it was on this record though

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