Friday, October 16, 2009

The Breakdown: The Majestics

So myself and my lovely lady took ourselves up to the Global Carnival Festival in Bellingen last weekend and I missed my radio show. It's up the east coast around the Byron Bay area, meaning awesome beaches and some sub-tropical rainforest action - all around pretty spectacular scenery. It was an interesting festival, being all 'world music', whatever the hell that means. The festival itself kind of blurred the lines of your standard music festival, a little too much hippyness and family time for me but it was a nice change of pace and the setting was pretty damn fine. Anyway I saw a few pretty cool bands and a few real average bands but the highlight came when we checked out a secondhand junk shop and amongst all the overpriced crap I pulled out a copy of The Majestics - Instrumental R&B. Now this is one of the rarest records I've ever come up on in such a situation so you imagine I was (and still am) a little excited. It's an instrumental affair (the title gives it away) from this tight little Canadian combo, mostly funked up R&B and southern soul covers but with a couple of hell-fire originals thrown in for good measure.

Check 'em out...

The Majestics -

The Majestics -

The Majestics - Funky Chick

Oh yeah there have been a few bands named The Majestics and these guys are not to be confused with the Texas combo responsible for this little monster (Not from an original pressing by the way, those things change hands for something in the area of $600-$800US, this is from the trusty funk45 reish!).

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