Friday, November 6, 2009

The Breakdown: Chali 2na

Chali 2na played with his band at the Nas show and you know what? I was really feeling it. Not that I was hating but I really didn't expect much from him - sure I dug him back in the day with Jurassic 5 but wasn't feeling theor later stuff and rapper's with a band doesn't always really do it for me. But his band had it just right - a bit of bounce and fun and good musicianship, new tracks were good and they dropped a bit of Rick James in the middle. Can't go wrong.
Then my afrobeat band played on the same bill with him again a few days later, they killed it and they were all real good dudes.
This week I got the new record from the radio station and I'm liking it so time to spread love...

Chali 2na - So Crazy (Decon LP 'Fish Outta Water', 2009)
bonus: Rick James - Give It To Me Baby (Trackmasters re-edit)

Chali 2na - Guns Up feat. Damian & Stephen Marley (Decon LP 'Fish Outta Water', 2009)

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  1. This blog is ridiculously good.
    I heard Charlie Bucket's mix on Triple J Saturday night (Dec5) and was hoping to get a copy if possible.
    He was on some DJ Neil Armstrong shit.
    Thank you for all this great music, I will be visiting here as much as I do soul-sides.