Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Boogie Mix by dj Charlie Bucket

What is up you crazy mofo's???????
New mix, boogie for the dancefloor most 80's but 1 sneaky 79 beast in there for good measure.
grab it here
just cut and paste url in your address bar.

track listing

1. hipnotise - lonely
2. uncle louie - full tilt boogie
3. Empress - dyin to be dancing
4.royale deelite - freak for you
5.vicki d - this beat is mine
6.cashmere - do it till your satisfied
7. central line - walking into sunshine
8. karen silver - nobody else
9.unlimited touch - I hear music in the streets
10.chemise - she cant love you
11. firefly - love is gonna be on your side
12.komiko - feel alright
13. lisa hill - I'm on the realside
14.sunfire - never too late for your lovin
15. midnight express - dangerzone
16. Final edition - betcha cant love just one.

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