Monday, August 20, 2012

New afro heeeet!!

The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra - How long it go take (Mr. Moonshine Dub) 

 Oooh yeah!  You know when Mr Moonshine from the Woo-ha blog gets his mitts on the audio stems from 'How Long' by The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, he is going to be producing the goods.  And he certainy did come through for the dancefloor, hitting us with a killer little beat heavy, afro-dub flip.  We decided to give it up as a free download too so everyone's a winner!!

Kelenyke Band - Jungle Funk

Afro gems uncovered by Miles Cleret and released with the help Of Frank Gossner.  4 previously unheard tracks from Ghana's Afro Kelynke Band that have been blowing my mind.  But how did such amazing music remin unheard for so long?  Well sadly their amazing 'Moving World' LP didn't garner the attention that the band deserved and soon after recording, these tunes had to be shelved after the band ran out of money.  Now some 40 years later I'm loving this new double 7" pack.  This track, Jungle Funk is my current favourite; a mid-tempo afro burner that sounds exactly like it's name.  Have road tested it at a couple of Scatter Scatter Tropical Discotheque gigs and it has caused some serious mayhem.  Get yourself one from Northside Records today!!

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