Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Breakdown: Songs for Poppy Lea & some words from Mulatu

Listen up to the full show here

This show had two pretty distinct sections - the first hour and last song were dedicated to my beautiful brand new little daughter Poppy Lea and then in the second I busted into a bit of ethio-jazz with an interview and showcase of tunes from Mulatu Astatke.  Was so awesome to spend an hour or so listen to rattle on (what?  he's like 70, he went on on and was happy to listen!).  The show on Sunday was great, hope you had chance to catch the man.  If you didn't just dig on this youtube clip of him with the Heliocentrics.  Catto is king!

Some tunes what I reckon youse should check:

Bobby Caldwell 'Open Your Eyes' (Clouds 45, 1980) mediafire

Man have I been sleeping on this one or what?  Don't often venture into the 80's for funk/disco/soul but Bobby took me there and thank crap he did.  Of course I was first suckered in by the lure of some sample-spotting-nerdery but I love everything about it and it's been on lock in my little brain since I scooped a month ago.

Delegation 'Oh Honey' (Shady Brook 12", 1977) mediafire

This tune just makes me feel good on the inside, you know what I mean?  I had the 45 for years and then recently came up on it on 12" (which I didn't realise existed) on the el cheapo courtesy of my friend and yours, ebay.  Makes me think of my little girl a lot now so hopefully it takes you where you want to go

Friday October 8 Setlist

1. Ramp 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine' (Blue Thumb 45, 1977)
2. Delegation 'Oh Honey' (Shady Brook 12", 1977)
3. Bobby Caldwell 'Open Your Eyes' (Clouds 45, 1980)
4. The Voices Of East Harlem 'Wanted, Dead Or Alive' (Just Sunshine LP 'ST', 1973)

5. Pamoja 'Ooh Baby' (Keiper 45, 1975)
6. Ohio Players 'Ecstasy' (Westbound 45, 1973)
7. Notations 'Superpeople' (Gemigo 45, 1974)
8. Sweet Charles 'Yes It's You' (People LP 'For Sweet People...', 1974)
9. Myra Barnes 'Super Good' (King 45)

10. Les Tres Femmes 'Listen Yo Your Mama' (Phil-La 45)
11. Patrizia & Jimmy 'Trust Your Child' (R&R 45)
12. Ann Alford 'Gotta Get Me A Job' (Hy Sign 45)

13. Freddie Scott '(You) Got What I Need' (Shout 45)
14. Spider Harrison 'Beautiful Day' (Lulu 45)
15. Chet 'Poison' Ivey 'Shake A Poo Poo' (Tangerine 45)

16. Cook E. Jarr & His Krumbs 'Whole New World' (Prince 45)
17. Bill Withers 'Kissing My Love' (Sussex LP 'Still Bill', 1972)
18. Terry Callier 'You're Going To Miss You Candyman' (Cadet LP 'What Colour Is Love', 1972)

19. Mulatu Astatke interview, featuring;
'Masengo' with The Heliocentrics
'I Faram Gami I Faram'
'Kasalefkut Hulu'

20. Hugh Masekela 'Dyambo' (Chisa 45)
21. Fela Kuti 'Open & Close' (EMI 12", 1975)
22. Kool & The Gang 'Funky Granny' (Delite LP 'Music Is The Message')

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