Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Breakdown: a visit from Peril & Prequel

Listen to the whole thing here

I started off with a little Fela thing due to the fact that it was his birthday and I'd gotten some crazy Fela records recently.  Have been trying to decide on a cover to play at Scatter Scatter with The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra too.  Right now I'm leaning towards this:

But for now you fine people get to dig on:

Fela Kuti - Who're You? (Makossa LP 'Fela's London Scene' 1971) mediafire

This bad boy was recorded in '71 and features Ginger Baker on another track.  Was released about the same time as the live record and it shares a couple of songs.  Yeni Kuti told me her father that once he had recorded a song he would never play it live again but I think that rule like anything with Fela was pretty flexible.  I do like that idea though, that the record was the end process of the life of a song.  The stories he was telling, the moods he was creating they were of their time and no other.  It was like the daily newspaper, once it was recorded it was already old news.  

Friday October 15 2010 Setlist

1. Fela Kuti - Who're You? (Makossa LP 'Fela's London Scene' 1971)

2. Fela Kuti - Wayo (2nd version) (Knitting Factory 10")
3. Christy Essien - Take Life Easy (Academy LP 'Lagos Disco Inferno' 2010)

4. The Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's Just Begun (RCA LP 'It's Just Begun' 1972)
5. Juice - Catch A Groove (Greedy Records 45 1976)
6. Creative Source - Who Is He And What Is He To You (Sussex 45 1974)

7. Bobby Caldwell - Open Your Eyes (Clouds 45 1980)
8. The O'Jays - Give The People What They Want (Philadelphia LP 'Survival' 1975)
9. Curtis Mayfield - Kung Fu (Curtom LP 'Sweet Exorcist' 1974)

10. DJ Peril set

11. DJ Prequel set

12. DJ Peril set

13. Fatback - King TIm III
14. Jazzy Dee - Get Down

15. The Psyde Projects - Kay Pee Em (Groove Penguin LP 2010)

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