Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sample nerd-out on the 23rd: Make It Fast

Starting today and appearing everyday on the 23rd of the month is the great monthly 'Sample Nerd-Out'. Don't ask me why, it just is what it is, deal with it, next issue. I'm a nerd and so are you, get over it, next issue. I like sample spotting, just do, don't know why, it is what it is, next issue...

You might have noticed that we reeaaally dig african records, specifically afro-funk. One of my favourite artists from Ghana is a man simply known as Rob who released a couple of hard-out funk records in the late 70's both of which trade hands for $500-$1000 - if you can actually find one that is. Originally out on Essiebons the first (and best) is about to be re-issued on the always on-point Analog Africa imprint and is essential!
Anyway this track is actually from the second record and is my favourite track he did. And how often do you hear a male orgasm on record and it not be all creepy?

You know when you hear a killer hip-hop beat and then when you go back to the original it always feels like a hip-hop beat even though it's a funk record and you think 'why didn't I think to just loop it up and make it?'. Yeah, me too. But I guess that's why J Dilla was J Dilla and you serve me my fries. It helps if you have Guilty there to throw down some ridiculously gangsta hype over the top. A recipe for awesomeness no doubt. Big shouts to my man Edd Fisher for putting me onto this

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