Thursday, July 14, 2011

A funky social-conciousness

Got a real nice slice of that 'social concious funk' that all the kiddies old people seem to be talking about these days. Coming outta Detroit, Michigan in the Mid Wes' US, Laurence Thomas is a man on a mission and he has an important message for us. Something about kids and pimps and some other dude chilling with a cigar. But seriously this is a real cool, laidback funk groove set against some tough fatback drums (open break at the start for the heads!) and it never hurts for a vocalist to be singing about something they are really feeling now does it?

Laurence Thomas - Why Young Kids Stray (Soul'o'Sonic 45 1974)

I will be playing this on my radio show tomorrow afternoon ('The Breakdown' on PBS 106.7FM 3-5pm in Melbourne) and if you wanna check it out it not only streams live but can be listened back to here...

manchild out!

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