Thursday, July 14, 2011


Holy crap. So I thought I was The King Of Shit starting up my little Sample-Nerd on the 23rd thing and then almost instantly the universe pulled me up like 'a-yo you missed one son'. Indeed I did universe, indeed I did...

Ghostfunk - 01 - Make It N.Y. by Max Tannone

This was from a project put together by that kid Max Tannone who did the very-much-on-point Mos Dub and Dub Kweli remixes. It's essentially Ghostface Killah remixes using samples from afro-funk and afrobeat records... MF genius I tells ya. He has also taken it upon himself to pull a serious big-dude move and put the whole thing up as a free download on Soundcloud. So why are you still reading my nonsense? Get over there and get you some dammit!

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