Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Can't Write Left Handed

Fuck me, how good is this?

We do like comments here too by the way!

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  1. mainly just commenting because you mentioned it in the post - it's an amazing song, and though i only just recently found this blog, i really appreciate what you're doing! :D ...digging EVERYTHING that is posted.

    i think that for many people appreciation of the service you provide remains constant, but appreciation of the music varies and is more emotional, and it is the emotional spikes that drive people to comment. so i wouldn't take a lack of comments as an indication of a lack of appreciation of your work/service.

    people want to post their praise as close to the artist/work that affected them as possible, which usually means expressing appreciation at the source of the experience rather than the source of discovery that lead them to the experience. intellectually, the source of discovery is more valued, though it may get less comment love. :)