Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some Sharp Indictor Siblings

Alright... that was a reeeeaaaal fun weekend and it's pretty much taken me until know to recover. Nothing but drinking and top-notch wax for 54 hours straight and then back to my side of the continent. For those who don't know that's the best part of a 3400km trip but there was a whole lotta fun had by all so big ups to my main man Charlie Bucket for hooking a brother up.

Now for some music.

So I was at the record store (Northside Records, where I work) and I came across this Pointer Sisters record from 1977 that I'd never seen before. It was only a fiver and to be honest I didn't really hold a lot of hope for it's quality. But The Sisters did some great stuff in the '70's so on it went and out popped a couple of dope jams. Jams like this!

The Pointer Sisters - Don't Drive You Crazy (Blue Thumb LP 'Having A Party', 1977) mediafire download 320kbps

Apparently it was the least successful record they ever did but I real dig the laidback, slightly spacey disco vibe and so much better than the cheesey nonsense the became known for later. Gadson on the skins never hurts either! So this would be the most recent Pointer Sisters track I heard but the first one I ever heard would still have to rate as my favourite...

The Pointer Sisters - Pinball Number Count (DJ Food Re-edit) mediafire download 320kbps

I'll be returning to the airwaves tomorrow afternoon on PBS 106.7FM in Melbourne but you can stream it live or indeed at time by hitting Plenty of killer funk, african and latin to be heard so tune in!

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