Monday, August 22, 2011

Sample Nerds On The 23rd

A bit of mid tempo funk from Sly Stone. This was the first record he did without 'The Family Stone' attached to the end of his name and it came during the most off-his-face period of his career. His previously sizeabe musical influence was on the wane and he was getting heavier and heavier into cocaine. I heard a story that for the front cover they wanted to have a photo of him jumping in the air. When they got to the shoot though he was just too high (apparently no 'on you' either) and they couldn't even get him on his feet, let alone jumping. The solution was to get a sheet of thick glass, lay him on it and shoot from underneath. Look at his eyes and tell me that isn't true!

Sly Stone - Crossword Puzzle
320kbps mediafire dl

Now I don't really think I need to post up Hall & Oates flip but I will include the guitar that Prince Paul sped up and looped nicely. I'm a massive Prince Paul fan and would have him in my Top 10 producers ever, easy. I just love the way he crams all those layers in and even when they feel bumpy, they feel right. I supported him once and can say that he is not only a great party DJ but also a real top bloke. Anyways this was a 1972 Westbound release from The Detroit Emeralds. Speaking of record covers too, how good is this one? Can never go wrong with a fur coat, a caddy and a fine lady in hot pants!

The Detroit Emeralds - Baby Let Me Take You In My Arms 320kbps mediafire dl

Of course I could post up the track that sampled these two but jeez, surely you own De La Soul's '3 Feet High & Rising', everybody does. Don't they? So instead let's just check the first promo clip that De La did for the track


Sly in form

Sly out of form. But still awesome

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