Monday, August 22, 2011

Ivan 'Boogaloo Joe' Jones - Right On Brother

Was wandering down Gertrude St with my daughter today and stuck my head in to say what's up to Chris at Northside Records. I saw this little baby on the wall and man... I just had to go home, lay the monkey down for a nap and listen to it again immediately. I'm such a sucker for 70's Prestige jazz records, I could listen to Funk Inc, Charles Kynard, Gene Ammons et al for days. All those crazy jazz muso's (the absolute A-team of Pretty Purdie, Charles Earland, Rusty Bryant and Jimmy Lewis join him on this one) exploring the emerging funk sound but all still retaining their own flavour of jazz. All different and all so damn fine in their own right. This one is no exception. This one is unbelieveably the 5th solo record he layed down in a three year period and it features some fieriest funk guitar work you will ever hear. I love how you can hear it all in his sound in this track; blues, jazz and soul combining and hitting it so hard for the dancefloor. If you hurry it might still be on that wall!

Ivan 'Boogaloo Joe' Jones - Brown Bag (Prestige LP 1970, 'Right On Brother')320kbps mediafire dl

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